Bamboo quality

Thousands of blows are still strong, let the wind from east to west, north and south". Bamboo has been praised since ancient times. It is straight upward, high-spirited and bright; it is tough and tenacious. Because of its "toughness", people use it as a material. Bamboo weaving products. Once upon a time, bamboo weaving products still existed in the lives of the older generation. Bamboo sieves, round dustpans, bamboo brushes, and bamboo baskets were all common tools that were inseparable from ordinary people’s homes. But with the development of the times, bamboo weaving Products are slowly replaced by industrial products such as plastic and stainless steel, and bamboo weaving craftsmen have lost their usefulness. In 2008, bamboo weaving was included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage in China. As the birthplace of bamboo culture, bamboo weaving in China Art is ancient and magical. It is a weaving art that integrates the essence of bamboo and the integrity of bamboo. As early as the Neolithic Age six or seven thousand years ago, our ancestors were able to use bamboo to weave utensils. Bamboo has experienced Ritual utensils and musical instruments have become the aesthetic symbol of the image of a gentleman. Bamboo baskets, bamboo baskets and other production tools have been part of the daily life of ordinary people since ancient times. Bamboo weaving is not only a technology, but also an art.