egg puffs

Egg bun is a unique traditional street snack in Hong Kong, which is one of the street snacks and a variant of waffles. Taiwan is called chicken cake, also called egg cake.

This snack is made from eggs, sugar, flour, light cream, and other ingredients to create a juice. It is poured between two specially made honeycomb shaped iron templates and baked over fire. Use a tool to remove the egg cub. The egg cub is golden in color and has a cake like aroma. In addition, the egg cub is half empty in the middle, making the taste particularly refreshing when bitten. Egg buns originated in the 1950s, when a grocery store owner attempted to add flour, butter, and other ingredients to make them into a paste, which was then inverted baked to avoid wasting cracked eggs. Later, the mold was designed in the shape of a small egg, but unexpectedly it became very popular. At first, eggs were made from duck eggs because they were cheap and had a strong taste. The fishy smell in the eggs made them more fragrant. Egg cubs are traditionally sold by street vendors using hand carts. However, there are also snack shops that produce and add different flavors, such as chocolate, coconut silk, black sesame, milk flavor, vegetable and fruit flavor, etc

Xiangdangxiang Egg Cake appeared in Hong Kong in the 1950s, and after decades of development, it has spread throughout the streets of Hong Kong. It is also very popular in mainland China, and Hong Kong style small shops selling egg Cakes can often be seen on the streets of the mainland. There are (Michelin) (Lanqinyuan) and other stores.

Hong Kong egg cubs have unique characteristics that make you smell them and fall in love with them at a glance.

Rich aroma: The combination of the fresh aroma of eggs and the pure aroma of milk, the aroma of roasted eggs permeates the streets, making people smell the fragrance.

Excellent taste: The egg shell made with a unique formula is crispy, and when bitten open, it is divided into two layers. The upper layer is hollow, and the lower layer is a soft sandwich. The taste is excellent and unparalleled.

Attractive color: The original egg yolk is golden in color, and it looks like it must be crispy and incredibly delicious.

Unique appearance: Lovely egg shaped like a bunch of grapes, arranged in an orderly manner, giving people a sense of novelty and uniqueness. The unique shape leaves a deep impression on people.

Multiple flavors: All made from natural ingredients, there are various flavors available for people to choose from, including plain egg, chocolate egg, coconut egg, seaweed egg, scallion egg, ham and corn egg, red bean egg, sesame egg, and so on.