Glutinous rice chicken

Glutinous Rice Chicken, originated in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, belongs to the Cantonese cuisine.

The method of making the snack is to put chicken, Grilled pork, ribs, salted egg yolk, mushrooms and other fillings into the glutinous rice, and then wrap them in lotus leaves and steam them in a steamer; The entrance of glutinous rice chicken is filled with the fragrance of lotus leaves, and when chewing, it is sticky and has a meat aroma of chicken.

According to legend, the origin of glutinous rice chicken was in the night market of Guangzhou before the liberation. It was initially steamed with a bowl covered, but later sold by vendors to facilitate shoulder picking and wrapped in lotus leaves. Ancient glutinous rice chicken was refined with glutinous rice, scallops, dried shrimp, or boneless chicken wings as fillings. The traditional glutinous rice chicken has a large portion size of three to four meters, and eating one glutinous rice chicken is basically half a meal. Therefore, since the 1980s, Guangdong restaurants have launched "pearl chicken" with the same materials but half the size.