Gujing Braised Goose

Gujing Roasted Goose is a famous Cantonese dish from Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, belonging to the Cantonese cuisine. This dish is well-known both domestically and internationally, with its flavor characterized by crispy skin, juicy beauty, and sweet meat aroma, which is deeply loved by diners. It is said that Gujing Roasted Goose was made using a secret recipe from the Southern Song court. Compared with the roasted goose in Guangzhou, the skin of Gujing roasted goose is relatively thin, with a slightly golden brown color in the scorch, a thin and crispy skin, and a faint aroma of lychee wood. In terms of taste, "sweetness" and "fragrance" are the characteristics of Gujing Roasted Goose. Sweetness comes from honey and also from the unique marinade of Gujing Roasted Goose. Furthermore, the fragrance of Gujing Roasted Goose is due to the use of lychee wood and enclosed clay stove for roasting, as well as the use of Xinhui's specialty - tangerine peel as a marinade. The final roasted goose product exhibits characteristics of tender and refreshing meat, fresh and juicy aroma, and a lingering aroma on the cheeks.