Longevity lock

The predecessor of Long Life Lock was "Long Life Thread", so it is also known as "Long Life Thread". There are also names such as "Changsheng Silk", "Xuming Silk", "Yannian Silk", "Wuse Silk", "Bi Bing Silk", "Zhu Suo", "Bai Suo", etc. Long life locks are a traditional Chinese decoration made mostly of metal or gold and silver, resembling ancient locks and particularly popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties. According to the traditional saying, hanging this kind of ornament can help children dispel disasters and evil spirits, and "lock" their lives. Therefore, many children wear this kind of ornament from the very beginning of life, and there are also long life locks hung during the ceremony of a newborn reaching 100 days or one year old, until they reach adulthood. In times of war, hanging a padlock on a child's chest is meant to lock their life and prevent the invasion of diseases and ghosts from harming them. People believe that once a child wears a lock, they can grow up safely and without harm. So, people call this type of lock a long life lock.