Mural painting is an art on the wall, which refers to people painting directly on the wall. As an auxiliary part of a building, the decoration and beautification functions of murals make it an important aspect of environmental art. Mural painting is one of the earliest forms of painting in human history. There were records of painting on walls in China as early as the Han Dynasty, mostly on the walls of grottoes, tombs, or temples.

A mural refers to a painting painted on a wall. In the Primitive Society, human beings depicted various figures on the cave walls to record emotions. This is the earliest mural. According to historical records, Emperor Wu of Han painted statues of gods in Ganquan Palace, and Emperor Xuan painted statues of meritorious officials in Qilin Pavilion, both of which are murals. From the Wei and Jin dynasties to the Tang and Song dynasties, Buddhism and Taoism were prevalent, and many temples and Taoist temples had murals.