Oil residue surface

Oil residue noodles, a traditional Hong Kong cuisine. Oil residue "is the meat residue left by people frying fat pig meat, and oil residue noodles are mainly made from Shanghai noodles. These oil residues, along with rich ingredients such as ham shreds, mushroom shreds, pickled vegetables, and winter vegetables, instantly make the taste more delicious, making them a favorite afternoon tea snack for many people. In the old days of Hong Kong, oily noodles were made from fried pork paste, and a bowl of noodles was made by adding a large amount of scallions, winter vegetables, mushrooms, and chili oil. Compared to shark fin and rice, oily noodles have a sense of poverty. In once impoverished families, sometimes there is nothing to eat, and many people add simple side dishes to their noodles to fill their stomachs and obtain food and clothing.